Our Story

HAWMA is a non profit charity 501 (c)(3) registered in the state of Virginia that has worked tirelessly for over 26 years in support of providing excellent quality education to the underprivileged students in Hyderabad and surrounding area. This passion started when like minded professionals, technocrats in the Washington Metro area came together back in 1993 and started HAWMA as a power house to support the educational agenda in Hyderabad. We also identified a longing for the Hyderabadi diaspora to rekindle the proud legacy and rich heritage of Hyderabad in the new country they so lovingly called home.

Meet the Executive Team

The executive team was elected by the HAWMA members in accordance with the established laws and by-laws.

Mohsin AliKhan


Moazzam Siddiqui

Vice President

Mir Z. Ali

Vice President

Aliuddin U. Mohammad

General Secretary

Khursheed Hussain


Tasneem Zore

Joint Secretary

Sayeeda Hashim, Shakila Alikhan, Meraj Hussain, and Ahsan Ali Khan

Members at Large