Hyderabad Association of Washington Metropolitan Area (HAWMA)

HAWMA is a social and cultural organization, made up entirely of unpaid volunteers, which works to preserve Hyderabad’s cultural heritage. Its core function is to raise resources here to help underprivileged students in Hyderabad and its rural areas, which HAWMA has been supporting since 1993. The thrust is to enable the underprivileged students and their families to become productive members of the society. Starting from a modest beginning about 30 years ago HAWMA has been able to scale up to the demands and raise over $50,000 at the last years virtual fundraising event, up from $15,000 raised just 7 years ago. HAWMA is appreciative of our valued patrons who have contributed over the past several years and are eager to participate in the annual fundraiser event.

The organization’s assistance to the education sector is centered in areas where the Muslim community is large, due to the reality that education levels and literacy percentages among Muslims are extremely low. However, the support provided by HAWMA and its partners in Hyderabad is non-denominational and open to all communities. The underlying message is to help whoever is in need regardless of their community or religious affiliation.

Thank you for your continued support!