Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award is presented to Dr. Syed B. Qadri

Citation for Award: The Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award is presented to Dr. Syed B. Qadri for his outstanding performance and record of scientific achievements over the past 29 years at the Naval Research Laboratory. During his tenure, Dr. Qadri has provided a significant service to the Navy and the Nation through an improved scientific understanding of materials in all fields including the marine environment. Dr. Qadri performed pioneering research on the high pressure and temperature induced phase transitions in optical, transport and magnetic properties of low-dimensional semiconductor structures, including structural properties and phase transformations of nanocrystals, nanorods, and nano-wires. His energy dispersive x-ray diffraction work using diamond anvil cell was among the pioneering work and is in extensive utility for high pressure research community. His research on size- and shape-controlled tunability of the electronic, optical, and transport properties of nanoscale semiconductors, combined with the ability to chemically and physically manipulate these nanostructures with nanometer precision, opened exciting new opportunities for the development of novel functional materials with a wide range of applications. Specially, his research work on cubic CdSe and ternary (Cd, Mn)Se epitaxial films and their superlattices grown by molecular beam epitaxy forms the basis of the blue lasers that are being used currently. Recently, his work on making nanoscale, nanostructures and nanotubes of SiC, Si3N4, AlN, zinc silicate, and meta-stable phases of Fe and Co and superalloys from agriculture waste is regarded as a ground breaking research and is adopted by industrial partners in the form of exclusive license. In addition, his work in collaboration with chemistry division on synthesis of carbon nanotubes and metallic/intermetallic nanoparticles is regarded as pioneering work in this field. Nanoarmor Corporation has exclusive patent rights for six of the patents in which Dr. Qadri is a co-author. He has provided superb collaboration and guidance of numerous scientists and engineers across various divisions of the lab, effectively coping with the constant change that occurs in a creative

R&D organization that responds to changing naval mission priorities. Dr. Qadri’s many distinguished accomplishments reflect well on him and stand as testament to his unfailing dedication to the Naval Research Laboratory and to the security requirements of the United States.

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